tirsdag 15. januar 2013

When even the Great Sea itself has a need to create a face, something is clearly wrong in this world. Remember next time you take a swim and spit out water, this one has been inside you ;)
80sface from the late 30s, seemingly unharmed but who knows?!? From the famous gameshow "Wheel of Fish".

Politics and faces often go hand in hand. Here, Mikhael Facetovsky is showing off, just for the dirty sense of pleasure in the face. Pleasurefaced! The face won 97% of the votes.

søndag 6. januar 2013

This is how basketfaces in some regions are all the time during a match. Just in case they will get licked, as a defense system there is also actually a similar much much smaller face in the armpit wich in turn will infect the toungue that licks, and then the tongue also will get a face like that. Many tiny similar faces. As a result there is almost no licking whatsoever in Professional Basketball today. 
You have to give this guy credit. Credits that can be exchanged into real money, so he can buy himself a new perspective! This is all faced up!
A famous face from the cult film TROLL 2, well-known for incredible acting sequenzes, this little boy had to practice for 9 hours every minute, with no water wahtsoever, trying to get each face right. Here is one of the results. No wait, that's two faces there.

fredag 16. desember 2011

Crazy man from Asia tries to eat his own face. This technique was developed by the Mayan Empire and passed onto generations of old people, the whole process takes 97 days from start to finish.
Some poor guy roaming the streets ended up getting a bat stuck in his faces, a shocking turn of events as the mans only purpose was getting a hamburger.

Paraguyan flubberface at the age of 16.

lørdag 26. november 2011

U said u wanted faces? A trait here for all you facelovers out there that knows how to appreciate a good face. From Belarus' Facial Expression Supreme Competition 2009.
In a perfect world, this guys face wouldn't look like a giant thumb.
This brotha sure toughed up his face before he faced the photograph. Look how much fluid the face decides to centralize in the mouths.
U have to be a FACEMASTER to quickly recognize the hyperrealisticwrinkledFace in this pic. Its down there at the bottom.
The aging that ravaged in the middle of Sir Sean Connery's face during the 1970s took a high toll - Eyeshrink in the middle of tha face, doesnt matter if ur a Sir or not when it comes to this..
Classic meltdown between ball & face.

This mustache was originally designed to take over the World, but fell in love with Flippo McAllister here, and has remained in his face ever since they ate dinner at Thanksgiving( At Flippos place).
Some wicked nasty 3D technology from a paralell universe was used to map this face - You think it's a mouse, but then u go like " hey, somethings wrong but I don't know exactly what" and then several weeks later when u stumble back into this u go like "Holy mama its actually a rat!" But guess what? The Rapid abyss of Technology has tricked you yet again, this is actually a real persons FACE that are ingeniously morphed into the mouseface!
Making several different faces by attaching fists into random places in the center of the face.
Carrotface? I think so.

onsdag 5. oktober 2011

Sometimes, faces go wrong. When trying to warp into another dimension and failing in it, the face may come back as a humiliating mutation of numerous faces from these. A horrid nightmare of the faces that maybe our ancestors wanted to be.
Two mustached face? No thanks. Haha, just kidding, its not a mustache its his eyebrows LOLz!
This mans age has delivered faces to all over the globe. eventually, it started to drip faces onto his own body, see the proudness in this bodyface and gaze upon the sunset of chaos.

tirsdag 20. september 2011

Woha! Someone sure took the saddles off this face!!

Boxing makes the face experience adventures that seemed impossible to imagine!
Back in Kongo, some people have their skulls stolen from their faces, leaving their face with nothing but and empty skinshell.
impressive how a face actually ends up provokating you, when trying to obtaion the opposite. Damn, this face could make Satan himself turn away for some seriouz vomiting!!

Some faces are born without brows. Sympathy makes the face go shopping for replacements, in this case some damn ugly branches.

lørdag 16. april 2011

Boxing. It reveals several stances in the face unknown to the most of humanity, producing facemodes at an incredible rate. Here is a caption of a Frapfaceflipper with water.

Some guy from the Dexter series setting up a face to intensify his appearance.
"WOW man! Is that baloon about to hit me FACE?!?"